Everyone shines…given the right lighting!

Memoirs For You Publishing was started by Sydney Pilcer in 2014, who describes the origins of the business, "I’ve always loved reading biographies, they are alternately uplifting, disturbing, hilarious and energising—and it’s those very qualities that I look to embed in your story."

  • “I also love images—photographs, maps, memorabilia—which we’ll delicately sprinkle through the pages of your book as visual signposts of your lifetime.”

    “My third love is listening to people tell their stories, sharing their experiences from breakthrough moments to disappointments, from the flush of youth to the reflections of later years.”

  • Inspired and guided by Sydney Pilcer’s three loves, Memoirs For You Publishing will listen to your story, choose from your photographs and make the combination come alive on the page, as your unique story. You and the talented team at Memoirs For You Publishing will together create an intertwined memoir of word and image that you will cherish and that will powerfully engage your family and friends.


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